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Poster Screen
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Film poster for use on screen.

Poster Screen
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Film poster for printing. 

Presskit Deutsch
Press Kit Press Kit 06.05.2015 | 14.6 MiB

The press kit in English

marsch mit Sarg
Download Download "Long walk with coffin" 23.12.2014 | 5.3 MiB

The long walk with a black coffin. To draw attention to self-immolations  in Tibet, Loten Namling walked from Bern to Geneva.

loten namling
Download Download "Portrait Loten Namling" 23.12.2014 | 7.5 MiB

Loten Namling, musician for Tibet and the Dalai Lama.

dalai lama
Download Download "Questions to the Dalai Lama" 23.12.2014 | 7.2 MiB

At the Office of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala (India), a despairing Loten seeks guidance.

Download Download "Discussion with Swiss Economics Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann" 23.12.2014 | 7.8 MiB

 Discussion with Swiss Economics Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann on the Free Trade Agreement between Switzerland and China.

Franz Treichler
Download Download "Franz Treichler" (Kopie) 23.12.2014 | 5.9 MiB

Franz Treichler of "The Young Gods" supports Loten on his journey.

Download Download "Tibetan Youth Congress" 23.12.2014 | 6.0 MiB

Young Tibetans from the Tibetan Youth Congress want radical separation of Tibet from China.    

Download Download "Above Dharamsala" 23.12.2014 | 7.1 MiB

In the mountains above Dharamsala: Memories of the childhood in exile.

Download Download "Niederwerfungen" 23.12.2014 | 4.9 MiB

During his long walk from Bern to Geneva, Loten prostrates himself many times – his personal tribute to those Tibetans who have burned themselves to death in their homeland.

heldenplatz in Vienna
Download Download "Concert am Heldenplatz in Vienna" 23.12.2014 | 7.1 MiB

The Heldenplatz (Heroes Square) in Vienna: Loten performs at the European Solidarity Rally for Tibet.

Dodo Hunziker
Download Download "Portrait Dodo Hunziker" 18.02.2015 | 4.2 MiB

Dodo Hunziker, director and writer